Kythera island has a safe and lee port in Diakofti, in the north-eastern area. The port functions since 1996 and can facilitate the needs of the island. It is connected to the town of Kythera and the airport with a modern highway. Distances, 30 km from Kythera Town and 9 km from the airport.

Gregory L. Kasimatis was the leader and inspired Kytherians to the construction of the new port, in 1982. The decision was taken the same year in an open public assembly in Kythera Town.

There are mini ports in Agia Pelagia, Kapsali, Avlemonas. Kapsali now functions as a marina and also accommodates Cruise visits.

Distances from Diakofti to other ports (in naval miles)

Piraeus: 108 n.m.

Souda: 43 n.m.

Neapoli: 12 n.m.

Gythion: 30 n.m.

Port Authorities and Services

Port Authority of Diakofti                                               +30 2736034222

Port Authority of Agia pelagia                            +30 2736033280

Port Authority of Kapsali                                               +30 2736031222

Customs of Kythera, Kapsali                                         +30 2736031262

Port Authorities outside Kythera

Gythion                                                 +30 2733022262

Calamata                                              +30 2721022218

Neapolis                                               +30 2734022226

Piraeus                                     +30 2104147800, +302104593140

Kissamos of Chania                              +30 2822022024
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