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Η ανεξάρτητη πολιτιστική εφημερίδα "Kythera Summer Edition" κυκλοφόρησε και φέτος σε όλο το νησί! Θα τη βρείτε σε επιλεγμένα σημεία σε έντυπη μορφή. Εμείς σας την παραθέτουμε εδώ σε ψηφιακή μορφή. 

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About the Editor's Team

Founding Publisher - Metaxia (Sia) Poulos is a big-picture person. Having worked in Australia as a Press Secretary and Advisor to Government ministers and parliamentarians, her re- turn to her parental homeland gave birth to Kythera Summer Edition. With a passion for justice and enormous experience in community politics both in Australia and Greece, Sia is the pow- erhouse that brings Kythera Summer Edition to annual fruition. Sia is married to Dimitris Kyriakopoulos and they have a fourteen year old son, Alexandros.

Editor - Deborah Parsons lives most of the year in Melbourne, Australia; the rest she spends on Kythera. After dropping out of numerous university courses, she discovered a passion for Greek music and joined a band. Then she started doodling and became a graphic artist. Then she started writing and it all made sense. Deborah writes scripts for film and television. She loves DlY. Feature Writer - Anna Cominos is a seasoned Festival Organiser. She has worked for the Sydney Comedy Festival, the Greek Festival of Sydney and the Antipodes Festival in Melbourne as well as the iconic Enmore Theatre. Anna studied dramatic art and has performed in television and theatre productions in Australia and Greece. Anna’s Kytherian ancestry has inspired her writings for KSE for the last twenty one years.

Writer - Anna Giabanidis is a happily elusive Greek/English hybrid who finds profound comfort in Kythera’s natural beauty and isolation. A graduate of British and European Laws, Anna has shunned life as a lawyer and is now a freelance academic writer of law, politics and philosophy. Yet she is unable to shun her restless nature and artistic flair and also indulges in art as well as her flower, fruit and vegetable gardens. Inspired by its natural beauty, Anna constantly seeks new ways to spread the beauty of Kythera.

Writer - Melina Mallos draws much of her inspiration from the Kytherian landscape. Her professional interests focus on examining children's engagement with art. Melina has been employed by the Queensland Art Gallery since 2001.

Artist - Aspasia Patty was born in Australia and studied art in Brisbane where she teaches and paints full-time. She has taken part in workshops and tutorials under several master painters and has participated in solo and joint exhibitions both in Australia and internationally. Her commissioned portrait of the much loved Kytherian identity, the late Father Efthimio, hangs in the monastery of Agia Moni. Kythera has profoundly influenced her artistic journey and continues to do so. It remains forever her favourite painting subject.

Tina Samios is a language teacher trainer who was born in Perth, Western Australia. She has spent much of life travelling the world, teaching, writing and consuming vast quantities of chocolate. She now lives outside of New York City, in the northern New Jerseyan woods, with her family and brood of chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese.

Writer- photographer John Stathatos first became a regular visitor to Kythera in the early 1970s, and has been living here full-time since 2001. He is the founder and artistic director of the Kythera Photographic Encounters, and a founder member of Kytherian Initiative (Kythiraiki Protovoulia), a reform-minded coa- lition active in local political, environmental and cultural issues. Acclaimed choreographer Apostolia Papadamaki is a director and performance artist. After graduating from the Physical Education University and the State School of Dance, she studied new dance techniques in New York with scholarships from the Onassis and Goulandris Foundations. Apostolia has choreographed numerous productions for the National Theatre of Greece. She has also directed Opera and Musicals and worked as a choreographer for cinema productions. A keen diver, she first came to Kythera in 2012 and was blown away by the underwater landscape. As she says, she has now “become one” with the island’s history and nature.

Author & ceramic artist Fred Hillier was born in Sydney, Australia in 1941. He is a storyteller and draws content from his travel experiences both at home and abroad. Fred left school when not yet 15 and secured a job as a toolmaker then progressed to production engineering and surveying. He has freelanced for ABC radio, guided people through the Austral- ian outback with his own tour company and has worked as a ceramic artist. Fred drove from Sri Lanka to London in 1970 and motorbiked through central Africa. He returned to Australia where he met his wife Bev. They set off for Munich in 1972 driv- ing as far as Damascus, Syria. On the way through they spent time in Greece. Fred and Bev built a mud-brick house in Moonbi, NSW. Their two boys, Tim and Toby, have given them five grand- children. Since retiring, Bev and Fred have spent considerable time working with indigenous people in northern Australia. At present Fred and Bev are retracing their 1970s travels through Greece and Europe (

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