Kythera’s main port

Kythera has a safe port to the northeast, facing the village of Diakofti.  The port was inaugurated in 1996 and easily meets the island's needs.  It is connected to Kythera's capital city and airport through a main road.  It is located 30 km from the capital and 9 km from the airport.

The driving force behind the construction of the Diakofti port – which started in 1982 – is Grigoris L. Kassimatis and the decision to start working on the project was ratified by a People's Assembly in the capital of Kythera.

Other ports and tourist havens include Agia Pelagia, Kapsali, Avlemonas and Platia Ammos. Kaspali has a harbor to accommodate pleasure crafts and can also accommodate Mediterranean cruisers.

Distance between Diakofti and other ports (in naval miles)

Piraeus: 108 n.m

Kissamos Crete: 43 n.m
Neapoli: 12 n.m
30 n.m

Kythera Port Authorities

Diakofti Port Authorities
+30 2736034222
Agia Pelagia Port Authorities +30 2736033280
Kapsali Port Authorities +30 2736031222
Kythera Customs Office (Kapsali)
+30 2736031262

Port Authorities outside Kythera

Gytheion +30 2733022262
+30 2721022218
+30 2734022226
+30 2104147800 +30 2104593140
Kissamos Crete
+30 2822022024  
Rethymno +30 2831022276 
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