Travel to Kythera

Come to Kythera! The quickest way is one of the daily, 35-minute flights from Eleftherios Venizelos, Athens International Airport.  You can also come by boat from the port of Piraeus.  If you are driving there are also liner routes from Peloponnese and from the ports of Gytheion and Neapoli.  You can also arrive by boat from Crete or the port of Kissamos.  Check with your travel agency to prepare your arrival in Kythera. If you are using a pleasure craft the Kapsali quay offers the whole array of services for safe and comfortable mooring.


Kythera is an island that does not require any schedule or plan to be visited.  Your stay here has no planned return date... Who knows? Maybe you will decide to stay here forever.  May destiny watch over you on the island... Enjoy your stay!

  • And under the strange unfriendly skies, the ship stayed ungoverned on the foamy waves... Travel to Kythera, Costas Ouranis 1690 – 1953