Tours in the archaeological excavations at Antikythera


From the 5th until the 18th of August 2012, the 26th Department of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities carries out an excavation at the archaeological site of “Kastro” on the island of Antikythera. A whole fortified city of 300 acres is preserved that is dated from the 4th century until the 1st century BC. The fortification walls are preserved in all their length and in many places they are 9m high. The island, based on epigraphic sources and archaeological evidence, participated in the piratical activity the Cretan cities had developed during the Hellenistic period. The city was destroyed during the Roman campaign “against piracy” in 69-67 BC.

The excavation team invites the inhabitants and the visitors of the island to visit the site during the excavation (7.00-11.30) for a tour around the site and also to watch the progress of the excavation.

Especially on Thursday, due to the arrival of the ship “Vitsentzos Kornaros” from Crete the excavation will be extended until 13.00, after telephone communication on the number 6979-587598.

We also inform that everyone who would like to help and volunteer is welcomed.

The archaeological excavation is funded by the Aroney Trust and the Kytherian Research Group (KRG) of Australia.

The tour is for free

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  • "Un mondo fa un mondo, e il Cerigo un altro mondo". All the world is a world and Kythera is another world. venetian proverb