Silence by Aliki Rgou



Let silence be blessed!

Because once your are in it, you will hear me speak (Kahlil Gibran)

Silence endorses all aspects of creation, having all the characteristics of the broilingenergy of the void.

It is there where voices, noises, and echoes of worthless battles of futiledomination all cease.The course of self-realization and the approach of the divine can be charted in the realm of undisturbed tranquility. 

In this environment there is no reason or occasion for  "competition", "winning" or “personal gain."

Only in silence can someone who strives  for appearances, can realize that being is of greater importance.

Silence is observation, thus knowledge of the Self. You listen to yourself, you hear your mind and and body. By increasingyour consciousness, you slowly realize, "Who you are" and what is happening inside and around you.

This is a good start to listening and to comprehending people better.
silenceliberates our inner voice, setting it free to speak and be heard without the influence of memories, wants and expectations. Silenceis the bestcounsellor that exists within us.

let us not forget that sound, reason, dialogue, and silence, together with and the art of listening, should coexist and alternate, because we need both and only in this way we can achieve our internal balance and self-awareness.

A piece of white paper, a white canvas, silence between notes are the elements that provide the space to an artist to be inspired and thus become creative.-

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  • "Un mondo fa un mondo, e il Cerigo un altro mondo". All the world is a world and Kythera is another world. venetian proverb