Kythira Biennale 1


Municipal Library, Kontolianika

19-20/07/2016 // opening hours: 10:00 -11:30

Kids workshop

“How to make a scarecrow”
As a parallel happening to the1st Biennale of Kythira,
we invite children 5 tο 12 years old, to participate in
a workshop on how to make a scarecrow. Our two-
day workshop will take place at the Municipal Library
of Kythira at Kontolianika on Wednesday 19th of July
and Thursday 20th of July, from 10 am until 11:30
αm. Children are advised to wear comfy and casual
outfit. Also they are welcome to bring along anything
“useless” or unwanted, like old hats, shirts, pants, but-
tons, tights, scarves, gloves or shoes, that a scarecrow
can wear. We will provide reeds, straw, rope, acrylic
paint, brushes, cardboard, glue, newspapers, some old
clothes and a lot of imagination!!!
The children’s scarecrows will be exhibited at the field
behind the backyard of the Municipal Library at
Kontolianika by the organizers of the workshop, who
are all art educators, graduates from the Athens School
of Fine Arts.

Mercato, Chora, Kythira


opening hours: 11:00-13:00,18:00-22:30

Marcato is the old municipal market,
constructed in the post-Byzantine
era, the specific building is a part
of the fortification of the old town.
Next to it is situated a monumental
domed passage, which served as
the sole entrance from the south
part of the old town.
Marcato, its eastern domed stor-
age space and the domed passage
will serve as spaces where art
works such as paintings, engravings,
sculptures, virtual reality application,
videos and sound installations will
be exhibited.

Old City of Kato Chora, Mylopotamos - The English School

 opening hours:17:30-20:30

The English school of Mylopotamos was built
in 1825, during the period of the British rule
(1809-1864) in Kythera.
The Kato Chora fortress is a post-Byzantine
monument by the mid 16th century. It was
built by Venetians and served for the protec-
tion of the nearby inhabitants, as well as for
the supervision of the west cost of the island
of Kythira.
These two historical monuments will serve as
spaces where art works such as sculptures
and in-situ installations will be exhibited.
Attention enter at your own risk


Kythera is an island which during the Venetian domination was called “The Eye of the East”. It is surrounded by the Ionian, the Aegean and the Cretan sea and has a clear view to the eastern Mediterranean sea. Its geographical position was the main cause
why different invaders occupied the region. This small but geostrategic point in the Mediterranean map is a place that still speaks on behalf of itself about its history and suffering. Three historical places of the island, where the traces of the past still declare
their presence are the Castle of Kato Chora, the English school of Mylopotamos and the Mercato in Chora, Kythira. A visit to these monuments made us decide on the topic “Timeless Observatory” of the 1st Biennale of Kythira, and will bring about an open dialogue between historical space and artwork.



  • Ada Anastasea

  • Kristi Grigoriou

  • Anna Karatza

  • Vasilis Koutouzis

  • Diogo da Cruz

  • Kostis Kontos

  • Katerina Botsari

  • Theodora Pantazopoulou

  • Giannis Papaiakovou

  • Dimitris Trakas

  • Elena Chasalevri

  • Curating

  • Ada Anastasea

  • Theodora Pantazopoulou


Telephone or mail for information and reservation:
6973695140, 6978329726

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  • "Un mondo fa un mondo, e il Cerigo un altro mondo". All the world is a world and Kythera is another world. venetian proverb