Near Potamos is Logothetianika, one of the oldest villages on the island and one of great historical importance. Surrounding villages include Katsoulianika, Lianianika, Ntourianika, Christoforianika, Perlegkianika and Kousounari.  In the area there are many Byzantine churches as well as the monastery of St. Theodore.

Logothetianika and the nearby villages attract visitors (especially foreign visitors) thanks to the rich architecture of their houses, built in the traditional fashion.  It would be unfair not to mention the merits of the inhabitants, who build or rebuild their houses without changing the architecture in any way.

You will find traditional restaurants and lodgings in Logothetianika, as well as some good food, and if you take the roads that lead to the west, you will find some small enchanting beaches, such as Lykodimos.

  • According to Hesiod’s myth Aphrodite was born in the sea of Kythera