A traditional village located on one of the island's most important crossroads.  Everybody passes through here.  It has a traditional tinge and its architecture is a reminder of that found in Mani, south of Peloponnese.  You can relax in a number of restaurants and cafés where you can also gather your forces to visit the village's alleyways and pause in front of the buildings' architecture.  Pay particular attention to the chimneys as you will no doubt be surprised by the myriad forms.  Very close to Aroniadika are the villages of Aloizianika, Kastrisianika, Friligkianika, Pitsinades and Vamvakaradika. Aroniadika and Kastrisianika have been declared cities of protected architecture.

  • According to Hesiod’s myth Aphrodite was born in the sea of Kythera