The Museums of Kythera


Unfortunately, Kythera does not have a museum that does justice to its history.  The building that housed the Archaeological Museum was donated by the fraternity of Kythereans to the Greek government in 1975.  The museum operated until 2006 when it was damaged by an earthquake and closed its doors to the public.  The exhibition included grave steles, coins, vases as well as statues such as "Venus with Eros" and "The Lion of Kythera". Most of the items found during excavations carried out on the island can be found in the warehouses of the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus.  The Greek government is unaware of the cultural wealth of Kythera – and of the rest of Greece for that matter – considering the limited funds devoted by the government.  This has damaging consequences for both the cultural identity of the Greek people and local economies.


Archaeological Museum
80100 Kythera
Tel.: +30 2736031739

26th Department Of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities
Director: Eutychia Lygouri
Alkiviadou 229, 18536 Peiraias
Tel.: +30 2104180972, +30 210-4518 388


After many years of work in Kythera the Greek Department of Byzantine Antiquities exhibited a valuable collection of Byzantine and meta-Byzantine works of art in the small meta-Byzantine chapel of Analipsis in Kato Livadi.  The Metropolitan Church of Kythera donated several of those pieces.  There are also some Byzantine frescoes as well as icons and various church service items.  Since the Byzantine legacy is much too large for this small museum most of the pieces are kept in the warehouses of the Metropolitan Church of Kythera.


Open daily, except on Mondays

Byzantine Museum
Livadi, 80100 Kythera
Τel.: +30 2736031731

1st Department of Byzantine Antiquities
Director: Hariklia Koilakou
Polygnotou 2, 105 55 Athina
Tel.: +30 2103213571, +30 2103217232, +30 2103312038-9
Fax: +30 2103216292


λιοτρίβι, κύθηρα, τσιρίγοIn 1880 Panayioti Kastrisios “FAVAS” returned to Kythera from Smyrna and settled in the family home in Mitata. Over the years he extended it with the addition of a kafeneion and an oil press.

In 2005, the current owner, Eleni, Fava’s great great granddaughter and her partner Kosta decided to restore the premises taking careful steps to preserve its authentic aura and ensure that the marks of time were not erased.

Fava’s Oil Press has been fully restored and todey remains an exceptional example of the olive process prior to the introduction of machinery. The home offers an insight into a unique and authentic example of village life as it was 100 years ago. Beneath the rambling vine in the courtyard of the kafeneion the visitor can sacvour longstanding flavours and traditional treasures the island has to offer.


  • folklore collection
  • traditional oil press
  • exhibition room
  • souvenir shop

Eleni Protopsalti
Mitata, 80200 Kythera
Tel.: +30 2736033500
Mob: +30 6972849663

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  • According to Hesiod’s myth Aphrodite was born in the sea of Kythera