Chania of Crete

Chania is one of the most beautiful Greek cities. It is located in an area that has been inhabited since the Neolithic Age, reaching its peak during Minoan and Roman periods. In Roman times the city was called Cydon. The Byzantines, successors of the Romans, lost control of the island when the Saracens took possession of Crete in its entirety in the 9th century. However, Byzantine Emperor Nicephore Phokas re-conquered the island in 961 through a vast campaign to protect the Mediterranean against the pirates. Crete fell into the hands of the Venetians in the 13th century. The Ottomans conquered the city and the whole of Crete in the 17th century. Crete became a part of Greece in 1913.

The influences of the various cultural elements that have characterized Chania throughout the centuries can still be seen on every street corner throughout the city, and especially through the buildings’ architecture. The alleyways of the old city with its traditional houses still preserved from the Byzantine, Ottoman and Venetian periods, create a romantic setting quite unlike anything else. But what is considered the crown jewel par excellence in Chania is the Venetian port.

Visit the archaeological museum, the historical archives of Crete, as well as the sea museum. Chania includes several monasteries, fortifications, archaeological sites as well as natural areas such as the National Park of the Gorge of Samaria. Several beautiful beaches run along the coastline.

Frequent ferry trips connect Chania to Piraeus on a daily basis. The city’s main port is Souda. There is also an international airport a few kilometers from the city that accommodates several flights a day. The area is interconnected by a wide network of bus lines.


Kissamos is a small coastal town, ideal for family holidays, that is located to the west of Chania. It connects by sea to Kythera and Gytheion. One of the sites to visit is the ruins of the ancient city of Kissamos.  Walk up to Cape Gramvoussa to admire the view, then go down to the lagoon of Balos to bathe in the crystal-clear waters of this white sand beach. Also visit the castle and the old city of Phalassarna. The rest… is up to you to discover!