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One of the most significant historical places in Greece. The river Eurotas and its plain meander through Mount Taygetos (2,407 m) in the western part – dubbed the "masculine Mountain" by Greek writer Stratis Myrivilis – and Mount Parnonas (1,935 m) in the eastern part.  Farther south are two peninsulas, Mani and Epidaurus Limera. The latter owes its name to the ancient city near Monemvasia.  The Gulf of Laconia is bounded by these two peninsulas and includes the small island of Elaphonissos.  Laconia's capital is the historical city of Sparta.  Other small towns and villages include Scala with its orange tree orchards; Gytheion, the main port; Molai, one of the most important crossroads; Kyparissi and Gerakas, which served as pirate havens during the Middle Ages; and Plytra (known as Assopos during the Antiquity), a part of which collapsed during the terrible earthquake of 375 A.D.

According to archaeological studies, during the Neolithic Age Laconia was inhabited in the southern part, at the mouth of the valley of Eurotas, in the grottoes of Diros on the southern coast of Mani, and in Elaphonissos.  During the Bronze Age dwelling sites in Laconia extended from Sparti to Molai and Gytheion. This was followed by the settling of the Dorians, the leading power at the time, in the City-State of the Lacedemonians, Sparta. With the end of the Greek classical period the area went into decline.  After the Romans, who conquered the entire Peloponnese, came the Byzantines.  Laconia started to develop again as of the 13th century. This is when the Franks built the citadel of Mystra, delivering it a few years later to the Byzantines. Mystra became the seat of the Despotate of Moreas (another name for Peloponnese).  At the same time the two citadels of Geraki and Monemvasia were built.  In all three citadels there are many churches, monasteries and towers.









The island of Antikythera is located to the southeast of Kythera, at approximately 22 nautical miles from Kythera and 18 nautical miles from Crete.  More>>


Crete is located in south east of the island of Kythera. A trip to Crete, during your holidays is a good idea. Visit the island of Minoans and if you are... borring Crete get back to Kythera!


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