The European Music Day

What is the European Music Day? Nothing less than the country’s biggest open air and entrance-free musical gathering! In 1982, on the 21st of June – the day of the summer solstice – with the initiative of Jack Lang, the French Minister of Culture at that time, Music Day or Make Music Day (from French translation Fête de la Musique or Faites de la Musique) was celebrated for the first time with the aim of “bringing out onto the streets all musicians”.

Music Day soon became an exportable concept and institution, and in 1985 it traveled beyond France with the same aim and parameters. Athens, as the first cultural capital of Europe was the first city outside France to celebrate Music Day.

Since June 2011 Kythera is one more city of the european, that have joined the European Music Day event. The local executive team consists of volunteers, people engaged to the music, the entertainment and the media business. Heads of the team is Mrs Nastazia Beikof.

Visit Kythera is a proud sponsor of the European Music Day and through the web supplies the friends of Kythera with up to date information about the events, the organisation and the surrounding happenings. The newslist below makes you stay tuned. Enjoy the European Music Day.