Finding a place to stay in Kythera

The island of Kythera is in full tourist swing in July and August, which makes looking for a place to stay a rather difficult task.  We suggest booking several months in advance if you wish to visit the island during those two months.  Finding accommodation during the rest of the year should not be an issue.  True enough, the summer vacation time is always the first choice but if you wish to know the true island of Kythera you should visit it during the other seasons too, as you will then avoid additional difficulties, traffic on the roads and delays in various services.  And thanks to its natural beauty Kythera is a wonderful place to stay in the wintertime as you will be able to better appreciate agricultural life, visit the waterways that dry up in the summertime, and get better acquainted with the population.

Check accommodation opportunities and select the one that suits you best.  Book your stay and prepare your suitcases to visit the island.  You will find all the necessary details and photos from all affiliated establishments.

  • There is always a ship travelling to Kythera. It’s never late to get on board… Efi Emilianou 1924